Gardening in the rain

by threegirlpileup

Last week, Maggie was away at camp and Anna and I were on our own. We filled the week with activities of her choosing, going to the museum (for 5 hours!) and having Thai food for lunch. On Thursday, we were puttering around the house, thinking that we would head to the swimming pool mid-afternoon. Anna settled in to play a game on the computer, and I started a batch of pickle relish in the kitchen. It started getting darker and windier outside, and we had a sudden cloudburst–so much for the pool. Once the rain had mostly stopped, I told Anna that I needed to go outside to pick a few more peppers for the relish. She immediately hopped up from the computer and ran for her shoes. She then reconsider and pulled me to the front closet to find both her rain boots and my own. So we tramped outside in the sprinkling rain to pick vegetables. Anna–who had been a little cranky earlier and really focused on getting to the pool–was beyond thrilled. “Mommy,” she said, “we are so lucky that it is a rainy day and we get to be out in the rain!” She quickly stripped down to her underpants and proceeded to stomp in every puddle she could find. We picked the peppers were needed, discussing the differences between bell peppers and jalepenos. Anna then decided that this would be a great time to work in the flower garden, so we got our scissors and went around to the front yard to do some dead-heading and weeding (both favorite activities of Anna’s).

All in all, we spent about 2 hours outside, some of it in some very heavy rain. It was actually a relief to be a little chilly while working in the garden, instead of suffering in the sweltering heat. And we managed to get some real work done at the same time. Dinner was late that night, but the garden and her keepers were happy. Very dirty and happy.

To think that I was so worried that we’d never recover from our pool trip being cancelled. Thankfully, my little one is much wiser than me.

Taking a break for a snack.

Taking a break for a snack.

The fruits of our labors

The fruits of our labors!