Lemonade Party

by threegirlpileup

This could not have been less planned. In fact, I tried to thwart it, as (1) the bottle of lemon juice we used had been designated by me for another purpose; and (2) Anna is sensitive to citrus, so more than the occasional glass of lemonade leaves her with a rashy face. But the girls’ enthusiasm prevailed, and we had a little lemonade party, i.e. a tea party that serves lemonade instead of tea.

I found this recipe at Simply Recipes, which reminded me that I had a jar of simple syrup left over from another fancy drink project. So we simply combined 1 c. of lemon juice with 2 c. of the simple syrup and then a lot of ice and water to dilute it. Sweet but the kids loved it.

We drank the lemonade with buttered slices of Daddy’s whole wheat bread (i.e Wellspring Bakehouse whole wheat), served on my grandmother’s ivy dishes, a recent gift from my mom.

We did our best to be fancy, crooking our little fingers, but it honestly didn’t work too well with those not-so-delicate cups. And the whole fancy aspect was somewhat undermined by the paint-splattered vinyl tablecloth that we were eating off of. But neither of these facts interfered with the fun, which was had by all.