Beady eyes

by threegirlpileup

Inspired by a post last fall on SouleMama, a friend and I ordered a pile of magical wooden almost-toys from Casey’s Wood Shop in Maine. Those goodies have been languishing in a drawer for many months, but I pulled them out this week for a morning art project.

As always, Anna had her own approach to the project and materials. I had laid out fabric to make clothes, yarn for hair, and plenty of glue. Anna took one look at the unadorned wood figurines, and said, “We need beads. Beads would be perfect for eyes and feet, and they need eyes and feet.”

In truth, this project was a little frustrating for Anna, who had a hard time working with the small pieces and getting them to do what she wanted. But soon Maggie joined in, and we all worked together for a bit.

In typical fashion, the girls quickly moved from dressing their folks to playing with them. I’m not sure exactly what the game was, but it involved dangling them from a string (one of the painted ones from Maggie’s earlier string painting project) that was attached to something like a fishing pole. Looked a bit like a noose, but I didn’t point that out…

Our little beady-eyed family. Dad is still connected to the string contraption, but I promise, he isn’t in any danger.

Update: Well, these critters weren’t in danger of strangulation, but apparently were in danger  from the dog, who chewed up poor Mom.  She’s still got her eyes, but there are a lot of toothmarks on her head.  Maybe when we get her hat back on they won’t show anymore!