Breakfast in the rain, then vegetable math

by threegirlpileup

Thanks to hurricane Fay, we had a lot of rain here today.  By the time we were all up and ready for breakfast, it was pouring outside.  It was also unusally dark.  Before I knew it, the girls were rounding up umbrellas and boots and heading out onto the deck, still in their pajamas.  Next, they got the idea that they would have their breakfast (waffle strips dipped in syrup and nectarine slices) out on the deck.  I had left the water table top upside down after its last cleaning, and they had settled on the small space below for the perfect spot for a picnic in the rain.

Next, Mopsey needed to be taken out (something she hates in the rain) and the morning vegetable harvest needed to be picked–so we all headed into the backyard.  The rain got harder and harder as we were outside, but we managed to stay out long enough to gather quite a few veggies before we came back inside entirely soaked.

It was Maggie’s idea that we should “do some math” with the vegetables, first suggesting that we count everything that we brought in.  We’ve just started working through the wonderful Patterns in Arithmetic, which emphasizes a lot of activities involving patterns and sorting.  So I suggested that we try sorting the vegetables in different ways, which turned out to be a great activity for the girls to work on together.

First they sorted the veggies by color:

and then by vegetable type:

They also sorted by shape (what do you call the shape of a pepper? and eggplant)  and then by size.  This led to an interesting conversation about how you compare the size of objects that are such different shapes.  Maggie suggested that we could use water displacement to compare them, but we didn’t quite want to do all that.  Maggie then decided to sort them by length, which turned out to be very different groups than her estimated volume groups.

After that, Maggie came up with idea of doing some “food addition,” which involved creating number and operator shapes out of food and then eating them.  We had to expand our food collection a little, since we couldn’t just  gobble up the eggplants and hot peppers.  Here’s one example:

We took advantage of the rest of the rainy morning to do some crafts (more to follow on that) and of course do some produce-processing–a huge batch of pesto (finally!), roasted grape tomatoes, hot pepper relish, and eggplant-pepper-tomato spaghetti sauce.  Thinking about some zucchini pickles tomorrow, got to get to that zucchini…