So much produce, so little time.

by threegirlpileup

We’re drowning in the bounty of late summer around here.  Tomatoes.  Peppers. Basil. Eggplants. Zucchini. Early winter squash.  Did I mention peppers?

We’ve had a real bumper crop of peppers around here, especially of the hot variety.  The red bell peppers are just coming in, which is a new thrill–I’ve never manage to ripen my own to red before.  But then the question…what to do with all these peppers?  Roast them and freeze them?  Dry the slender hot ones?  Pickle them?  Make more hot pepper jelly?  Try to duplicate the hot pepper relish that Steve’s been hankering for?

And this is just the beginning of the whirlwind of food planning in my head.  We’ve got a ton of basil from our CSA, so that’s easy–pesto.  But what about the zucchini?  I’ve already frozen a lot, but could do more.  I could make a batch of Disappearing Zucchini Orzo, which I really like.  Or I could try the tempting zucchini pickles from my new pickling book.

And that doesn’t even begin to tackle the eggplant and the winter squash (less urgent) and the current crop of tomatoes.

Off to confab with the girls to pick a few of these projects to do on this rainy day.