Wow, wow, watermelons!

by threegirlpileup

The girls and I had a wild watermelon harvest.  The plants are starting to die back, and most of the melons are ripe, so we went a little crazy.  Once the girls learned to check the tendril at the base of the stem, they were prowling through the patch trying to find more to pick.

And after the picking, came the hauling…watermelons are heavier than you might think!

All in all, we harvested five watermelons.  Although part of me would like to say that they are now waiting for us to eat them up as they keep cool in our refrigerator, the truth is that my kids–spoiled by new generation “seedless” watermelons–just aren’t that interested in eating the ones that we grew.  So we took them with us to the cabin, and luckily had just the right number to share with all of the families there.  And tomorrow I’ll be heading to the store for yet another (locally grown, but still!) seedless watermelon for us to eat.