Making little folk

by threegirlpileup

So, last week I came across this post on The Rowdy Pea, and immediately went to the art closet to find fairy-making supplies.  I remembered buying a bag of acorn caps from A Toy Garden, and miraculously put my hands on them.  This also reminded me that I had seem some unbelievably cute walnut babies on that same site, which is also why I happened to have a jar of whole walnuts on my pantry shelf–even though Anna is somewhat allergic to them.

Which did not slow Anna down particularly–she jumped right in to help me crack open the walnuts and eat out the centers.  We have been experimenting with re-introducing some of the foods she has reacted to in the past, and this seemed as good a way to sample walnuts as any!  It was tricky to keep the walnut halves whole, but we managed to get enough to work with.

“Peeps” are little pipe cleaner folk that we were introduced to by my friend Nancy.  They are basically a much simplified version of Sallie Mavor’s wee folk.  We haven’t made these in awhile, and it was fun to see that Maggie is now able to craft them without any help from me.

One of the highlights this time around was giving all the folks really long hair so that she could give them haircuts.

We also made walnut babies, which involved a little needle felting….

No big surprise, Anna had a great time filling the acorn caps with glue. She was carefully using all three of those different bottles of glue for mysterious but specific purposes.

Our folks in their nest: