The long-anticipated peanut butter playdoh

by threegirlpileup

Many months ago, I checked the book Mudworks by Mary Ann Kohl out of the library.  I can’t remember if it was me or Maggie who found the recipe for a playdoh made with peanut butter, but either way she was entirely taken with the idea of it.  We use a lot of playdoh around here, and often the creations are food–muffins, cookies, tarts, etc.  So the thought that she could make those creations and then eat them was pretty exciting.

But there was a problem.  One of the main ingredients in the dough is dry milk powder, and Anna’s milk allergy really made me want to avoid that.  At Maggie’s request, I set out to find dry soy milk–there must be such a thing, right?  Well,  it turns out that there is, but no store around here carries it.  I made a half-hearted attempt to order some on-line, but was always daunted by shipping costs that were as much as the item.

But Maggie didn’t give up.  At surprisingly regular intervals, she would ask if I had found any dry soy milk, and when we would be able to make peanut butter playdoh.  I made vague noises in response, but honestly did very little to follow-through with this request.

And then, miraculously, some dry soy milk fell across my path.  On our family vacation in upstate New York, I went into a small natural foods store, and there it was!  Of course I bought it (in spite of the sticker shock), much to my children’s delight–who knew that coming home with a dehydrated food product could be so exciting for my children?

Last week (about a month after our return from New York), I finally managed to get Mudworks back from the library.  With recipe and dry milk in hand, we were at last able to put together this long-awaited playdoh.

The recipe is very simple–equal amounts of peanut butter and milk powder, plus a little bit of honey.  I think you could use sunbutter easily if allergies are an issue.

In typical mom fashion, I suggested that they could use raisins to decorate their creations.  They were quick to convince me that chocolate chips were a much better choice.  I have to admit, they were right.

As far as eating goes, the girls enjoyed munching on their creations, but I found the dough a little on the bitter side.  But that didn’t stop them from eating it, or even sharing it with Mopsey.

I asked Maggie if the dough lived up to her expectations, and she said, “Oh yes, definitely!”  I’m not sure how tasty it really was to them, but the novelty of being able to eat playdoh was enough, I guess.  Maybe next time we’ll make the frosting dough…