Science is fun!

by threegirlpileup

(Maggie wrote the title to this entry.)

One of my parents’ birthday presents to Maggie back in May was a subscription to the Young Scientists Club, which sends monthly science experiment kits to you in the mail. We finally pulled out the first kit this week, with a set of experiments related to recycling.

I have been feeling for awhile that Maggie has been needing some more involved and engaging activities, and if this experience was any indication, I was right. She leapt into working on the first experiment, starting with some discussion questions related to recycling.

We then set up some simulated compost piles, one with apple inside, and one with plastic. We talked about what her predictions were for what would happen, and then she said to me, “Okay, Mom, now I’m going to write down my hypothesis.” So I guess she has picked up a little science lingo along the way after all.

The young scientist with her experiment:

It was a late bedtime (we started in the evening after Anna was asleep), but that smile made it all worth it.