Wash Day

by threegirlpileup

We were recently gifted with a lovely clothes drying rack from my friend Nancy, and it inspired me to help Anna get a little doll clothes washing going on a recent morning. Although the weather has now turned cooler, the past week has been HOT, so water play seemed just the way to start the day.

We got out two dishpans, filling one with soapy water and one with rinse water. No big surprise, Anna had her own scheme for washing, which involved first wetting the clothes in the clear water, then washing them in the soapy water, and then rinsing them in the clear water. She then hung them, sopping wet, on the little clotheslines. The only pins I had were the standard-sized ones I use for hanging out our clothes, and it definitely took all of her hand strength to pinch them open. So the task of pinning them to the line took quite a bit of concentration.

After she’d been working for awhile, she decided that my (carefully orchestrated) set-up needed some tweaking, and she moved the entire operation across the deck. I think this was partly driven by her rinse-wash-rinse system, as she proudly placed the basket of clothes between the two basins–clearly just where it belonged.

Maggie eventually got in on the action, too, which led to both some fun sisterly play and some violent sisterly screaming over such topics as maximizing the limited clotheline space and the correct number of pins to use for each garment.

I’ve still got another retractable clothesline ready to be installed in the backyard. I think its time to hang it at kid height and put them to work!