Little girl, big words

by threegirlpileup

Little Anna has always been big in so many ways. Big feelings, big opinions, big ideas inside that slight frame. Anna is the person in our family most likely to run up to you, wrap you in an enormous squeeze, and say, “I love you!” And her delicate appearance and pale hair belie a core of steel. Lately, it’s been fun to watch her vocabulary catch up with her expansive emotions and ideas. Words like terrifying and incredible and fantastic and astonishing describe her experiences. It’s like we can almost feel her reaching out into the world to find words that can match the intensity of her feelings.

This has reminded me of Maggie at this same age. I remember that she and Steve would often lie in bed and create superlatives to describe how much they loved each other. As in, “I love you all the way to Mars and back!” Our favorite by far was when Maggie said, “I love you as much as as long as it would take to clean this whole messy house!”

In the words of Little Nut Brown Hare, “Wow. That’s a lot.”

P.S. I’ve souped up my hand-me-down laptop, so I’m hoping to be able to use the computer a little more easily. The big one is now off with the official Apple techs for a (thankfully free) replacement of the defective logic board. I love my Macs, but this particular one has tested my loyalty. I’m still mostly unable to do much with pictures–iPhoto is still freezing up on me–so there may not be many until I get the desktop computer back. Which hopefully will be in a week or so.