A fun and fancy dinner

by threegirlpileup

Okay, I give up! I had many pictures of Anna and Maggie both putting together and eating this meal, but for some reason they kept crashing iPhoto. So here is the one picture that survived…

..which doesn’t look particularly fun or fancy, does it? But trust me, it was.

I was throwing together a quick Friday night dinner for the girls, which for us is often a simple plate of fruit, protein (cheese for Maggie, meat of some sort for Anna), veggie (often raw carrots all around), and some buttered whole wheat toast. I think Anna was complaining about the hot dog she asked me to make for her, so I suggested that we put toothpicks in the pieces to make it more fun and easier to dip in the ketchup. And before I knew it both of the girls’ were happily putting toothpicks in every piece of food on their plate, asking me to cut up things that were too big. All of a sudden, a very routine dinner was transformed. As Anna put it, “Oh, Mommy! It’s so fun! And so fancy!”

So often, my kids make requests to take an activity a step further than I’d intended, and my instincitve reaction is to say no. I’m too tired, it’s too messy, it’s just too much! And while there are times when I really do need to say no, I’m reminded that when I say yes, much gleeful energy is produced–offsetting the extra effort by a mile.

I’m realizing that this is at least the second time I’ve written about this very idea here. Maybe by the eighth or tenth time it will start sinking in….