Doing her chemistry

by threegirlpileup

When I saw this post on The Rowdy Pea, I knew it was an activity that Anna would love. She can’t get enough of mixing potions and solutions–she calls it “doing chemistry.” One of our main reagents has been soap, but I’ve stayed away from colors due to the mess factor. But those beautiful clear jars of color really got me going. Still, though, I hesitated to put stainy food coloring–even diluted–into Anna’s hands. I considered using washable tempera, but somehow the cloudy water seemed much less appealing. And then I realized I had the perfect solution right in our art closet: the liquid watercolors from Discount School Supply! I diluted these into mason jars and set them up on the deck for Anna.

I gave her an eye dropper and a white ice cube tray for mixing. She especially enjoyed mixing different shades of brown and showing them to me.

In typical form, she then decided to take things a step further, asking me for some string that she could “dye” with the colors.

Playing with the colors proved to be so much fun that we pulled the jars out again the next morning, and Maggie got into the act, too.

And hooray, clean-up was a breeze!