We love the Eno River.

by threegirlpileup

One of the most wonderful things about the place that we live is the abundance of beautiful natural spaces.  Right out our door, we have woods and a creek…although we live in the middle of an older neighborhood in the middle of our small city.  Just a short drive away is Eno River State Park, in particular a favorite stomping ground of Steve’s.  I admit I had never been inside the park before we met, but we spent many a courting afternoon hiking along the trails.  It’s really an amazing place–this piece of unspoiled woods and river right in the middle of town.

Since Anna was born, I haven’t spent nearly as much time out hiking.  Instead, Steve often takes the girls to the Eno for hiking and water play so that I can grab a few hours to myself.  Last weekend, though, the weather was just too beautiful to resist, and we spent part of both Saturday and Sunday “with our whole family!” (so said Anna) getting a dose of the river.

It was fun to be a fly on the wall with Steve and the girls.  They all know the river and its paths so well (unlike me), and have their own rituals–landmarks to notice, things to collect, places to climb.  Steve is so in his element here, and I love getting to see him sharing both his love of the natural world and his keen eye with our daughters.

There are so many things I love about the Eno.  Perhaps most of all, the way that my whole body seems to relax as we descend along the path to the river, Anna racing ahead of us with that exuberant little-person joy of being free in the woods.

Ahhhh.  A dose (or two) of the Eno each week is definitely a good idea.  I think the dishes can wait.