Her debut performance

by threegirlpileup

I come from a theatrical family. My mother was a professor in the Theater Department at the University of Illinois, and my brother now works for a big children’s theatre in Milwaukee. From the time we were pretty small, my brother and I were called upon whenever there were roles for kids. We both continues performing as we got older, although I basically gave it up when I finished college.

Maggie has just taken her first steps continuing the family traditions. in “Dracula’s Night Out,” she played both Dr. Jeckyll….

(that’s Mr. Hyde she’s sharing a lab coat with)…and also Scratch the dog, a part she was born to play, I think….she’s certainly had enough practice pretending to be a dog around the house.

I admit to being a terrible theatre snob, and I’ve been really pleased with this experience for Maggie. The emphasis has seemed to really be on having fun, which seems appropriate for this age. And my goodness, Maggie had a wonderful time!

Maggie wouldn’t let me leave without signing her up for the next session! (And the big thrill is that her grandparents will be in town for the Februrary performance).