Getting out the vote

by threegirlpileup

At Maggie’s urging, the girls and I put in some time today for the Obama campaign.  I thought we might be knocking on doors, but in fact we did the easiest of election jobs, the lit drop–we went off with a list of folks who haven’t voted and hung voting information on their door.

Maggie was very pleased to be in charge of the clipboard, reading off the numbers of the houses we needed to cover and then checking them off as we went.


(it only took me about 47 tries to get that picture to upload–arrrrgh!)

Anna decided that her job was to hold the door hangers and put them on each house.  Holding them was a little more than she could manage, so she tucked them behind her in the stroller.  She kept one out, ready to be put into place.  When we arrived at a house on our list, she would hop out and go up to the house herself.  If I tried to follow her, she’d turn back and say very vehemently, “No, Mommy, I can do it myself!”  Before getting back in the stroller, she’d carefully pick up another door hanger to hold and sit with it in her lap until we got to the next house.


All in all, we did pretty well.  As we moved into our third hour of walking up and down the streets, we all began to get a little tired and hungry and cranky.  The girls got a little distracted and I got less patient.  At just the right moment, folks came out of one of the houses we stopped at and offered Obama buttons–LOTS of Obama buttons–to the girls.  That interlude gave us the final push we needed to finish up our last few houses.


Anna and I will be doing another round on our own tomorrow, while Maggie is at Outdoor School.

Get out there and vote, everyone!