Why this election means so much to me

by threegirlpileup

I’ve done my share of work in electoral politics, mostly before I had kids.  I’ve always been informed about political races and make a point of voting in every election.  But never before have I been regularly moved to tears by my strong feelings about a candidate and the election.

Until now.

My kids actually joke about the way that I often (always?) end up with tears streaming down my face when I hear an Obama speech.

Today, I was finally able to articulate why.  Maybe it was the look in the eyes of the older African-American couple I spoke to when I was canvassing.  Maybe it was the young woman in the drive-through at Bojangles who excitedly told me she had already voted.  I realized that this election for me is not just about the economy or the war or domestic policy–although all of those are important to me.  I long for a government that is committed to protecting and serving our most vulnerable citizens.  But the very person of Obama–a bi-racial man raised by his single white mother, rising against so many barriers to the highest office in the land–it symbolizes all that can be great about our country.  I am overwhelmed by the way that so many people of color–so long literally or essentially disenfranchised–are joining the democratic process because it suddenly feels like something that they are a part of. It makes me feel proud and hopeful and, okay, teary.  A country that can elect Obama is the kind of place I want my children to grow up.

Okay, back to watching election returns.  And tomorrow, a return to our regular homeschooling programming.