A very Anna birthday party

by threegirlpileup

When I asked Anna what she wanted to do for her birthday, she was very clear.  Today, we executed her plan for what turned out to be such a lovely day.

It included many of Anna’s favorite things, like Chinese food


some special friends..


and, of course, cupcakes with sprinkles.


And there was more.  Fancy clothes (“I need to be the fanciest at the party, Mommy, because I’m the birthday girl”) that got astonishingly dirty.  A request from her friend Oliver if they could go upstairs and “cut hair” (the dolls’, but still!).  Homemade ice cream popsicles. The kids pushing each other in the swings, with 7-year-old Flora doing underdogs with Anna.  Charles and Steve swinging the kids around and around while Nancy and I fretted over their very full tummies.  Lots of running back and forth and all around in the back yard on this gorgeous warm fall day.

All in all, a very Anna kind of day.  And so much fun for all of us.  Happy almost birthday, little one!