She’s four!

by threegirlpileup

No pictures of her today (too busy playing!), just the remains of our celebratory family dinner, complete with spaghetti and meatballs, cupcakes, and a basket of presents.


I’ve been enjoying the slide towards four with Anna.  Always full of big feelings, she seems to be having an easier time moving through them as she gets older, probably helped by her exponentially expanding vocabulary.  She has a little more control over her wild little body and in general seems more settled into herself.

Thing’s she’s loving:

  • pouring and mixing, especially if there are effects to follow
  • weeding
  • Thai and Chinese food
  • experimenting with reading and writing
  • nursing
  • being read to (especially Rainbow Magic fairy books and Boxcar Children)
  • trying out new words and phrases
  • playing complicated animal games with Maggie
  • snuggling under the covers in the morning
  • wearing jewelry and “fancy” clothes

She is perhaps the most exuberant person I’ve ever known.  She’ll run up to me and hug me so tightly around the neck and say, “I love you love you love you, Mama!”

Happy birthday, Anna!  We’re so glad you were born!