Super easy, super delicious butternut squash

by threegirlpileup


I have really been working on being a more thrifty cook.  Or perhaps more accurately, a thriftier feeder-of-our-family. For me, this doesn’t so much mean using less expensive ingredients, though I have been trying to cut down our purchasing of processed and prepared foods.  It really has more to do with planning, so that we can make good use of the food that we already have, and so that we are less likely to resort to take-out food.

In service of that, I threw together some butternut squash (from our garden) the other night, trying to cobble together dinner at more or less the last minute.  Steve had asked me if he should pick up food on the way home, but I determinedly said, “No!” and scrambled around to figure out dinner.  We had been planning on butternut squash risotto–a family favorite–but I just didn’t get it started early enough.  So I sliced up an onion, set it to saute on low, and started chopping up the squash.  I cooked the onions on low (in olive oil and butter) until they were nice and soft, and then turned up the heat a little to carmelize them.  I added in the diced squash with plenty of salt and pepper, and stirred the squash around until it was tender.

It was so good that Steve and Anna and I were fighting over the last mouthfuls.  Although Anna was happy with hers straight up, I mixed mine with some leftover black beans and gave it a grating of Reggiano on top.

Yum, yum, I can still taste it.  Almost like candy, it was so sweet.  Hmmm….maybe I should get my flashlight and go out into the garden to pick another one to cook right now.