A visit to Elodie Farms

by threegirlpileup

Our homeschool group made a trip to Elodie Farms, a local goat dairy and cheesemaker.  It was colder today than it’s been, but the sun warmed us for most of the morning.  Farmer Dave was wonderfully welcoming to our somewhat wild and enthusiastic group of kids, answering all their questions and giving them a tour of the milking room and the cheesemaking kitchen.

We had hoped to be able to help milk the goats today, but milk production has ground to a halt now that all the goats are pregnant.  Between talk of low supply and mastitis, I think most of the nursing moms were able to relate to our sister goats.

The highlight for my girls was definitely feeding the goats.  Dave brought out Smarties, which are apparently a favorite.  These were happily fed to the animals, including not only the goats but also the horse and miniature donkey that share their pen.  Once she ran out of candy, Maggie fed any spare crackers or pretzels she could get her hands on to the animals, and then started hand-feeding leaves and grass.  I think she could have spend the whole day mooning over the animals, talking to them and feeding them.




When the cold finally drove us to our cars, I asked her how she enjoyed the field trip; she replied, “I want to come back tomorrow!”

Well, not tomorrow.  But we’re planning a trip back in the spring to see the baby goats and do some milking.