by threegirlpileup

For those of you in northern climes, snow in November is pretty much unheard of here in NC.   Not much more than a week ago, it was warm enough to go outside in short sleeves.   Which is admittedly a little weird when the trees are changing colors and losing their leaves, but that’s fall in NC for you.

And then there was today.  To begin with, it was our first really cold day.  I think the high temperature was forecast to be in the 40’s, although the day started out pretty sunny and pleasant.  When we emerged from lunch with my mother-in-law, though, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and it was COLD.  So Anna and I scurried to the car and started the drive home.  As I’m driving, I thought that a dust cloud or something had been stirred up, because I thought I saw all these particles in the air.  And suddenly I realized that I was looking at snow flurries!

What is it about snow?  The snow today didn’t stick at all; it was well over freezing, and the ground here is still warm.  But everywhere we went today, folks were abuzz with excitement about the snow.  And even Anna ran outside to try and catch some on her tongue.


This should be the last chance of any snow for awhile; though we’re expecting our first hard freeze tonight, it’s forecast to be sunny and slightly warmer for the rest of the week.  But we enjoyed this little taste of winter today.