It’s true…we made a sweater for the dog.

by threegirlpileup

In a triumph of bad timing, our poor dog got a short haircut yesterday just as the cold weather hit.  Maggie has been wanting to make a sweater (or, even better, a costume) for Mopsey, so this seemed like a good time to go for it.

Wanting to keep things simple, I googled for directions using a recycled sweater.  I found this link, which used a sleeve.  (I also found multiple directions making a dog sweater from a sock, but that would have to be one tiny dog!)  The directions say that it takes about an hour, but the cutting took literally about two minutes.  Plus then maybe ten more for stitching the raw edges to prevent fraying.  So this was definitely a quick and easy project.

Never ones to keep things simple, we decided the sweater needed some embellishment.  Maggie suggested some purple flowers; I remembered this post by Betz White which uses a very simple technique for making flowers.  Then, instead of making dinner (the kids are eating fish sticks and Steve is scrounging around for leftovers as I type), I stiched everything together.  Not my most beautiful sewing job, but the kids were thrilled.  And fortunately Mopsey isn’t too picky.