Simple pleasures of the season

by threegirlpileup

No, I’m not talking about jumping into piles of leaves.  Or even catching snowflakes on the tongue.

I’m talking about smashing ice into tiny bits.

As I was walking back towards the house with Mopsey this morning, the girls came out onto the deck.  “Mommy, Mommy!  There’s ICE!”  They were picking up containers on the deck and finding them filled with ice.  At first, they poked with sticks and their bare hands; then they came inside to get butter knives and mittens.  I added hats and sweaters to keep them warm on this cold morning.

“Mom,” said Maggie, “Let’s pretend that you’re the foreman, and you’re making us breakfast (which I was). We’re breaking up ice to give to people who can’t afford to get ice in their houses.”  My child, by nature and perhaps the legacy of her father’s family, is much more of a philanthropist than a entrepeneur.


As they worked, Anna provided a typical sing-song commentary, “We are a team, we’re working together, yes we are, we’re breaking up the ice….”  She reminds me of Frances.

I’m glad that frozen water can still be the source of so much fun.  I hope that never stops.