Our Thankful Tree

by threegirlpileup

Two posts in a row inspired by Playful learning, this one about the Thankful Tree that we made this week.  We created a tree with paper leaves that described things that we’re thankful for.

I collected some leaves while out walking the dog.  I also picked up a stick and a bucket of sand from the sandbox.  I poured the sand in a quart mason jar, stuck the stick in the sand, and we were ready to go.

We traced the leaves onto construction paper, and I helped Anna with her cutting.  She drew pictures on many of her leaves, and then told me what to write on them…the cabin, candy, the fair.  Anna especially enjoyed punching holes in the leaves and cutting string for hanging.


Maggie worked more independently, asking for some help with spelling but otherwise doing her leaves herself.  Some of the things she mentioned were primary colors, her family, and all animals.


Me?  I’m grateful for so much every day.  But on that day I felt most thankful for a table strewn with art supplies and two girls helping me make the most of them.