An abundance of bread

by threegirlpileup

My dear husband spoils me in so many different ways.  But one that I tend to take for granted is the steady stream of extraordinary bread that he brings home from work.  Good old whole wheat sandwich bread, long seedy baguettes, huge crusty loaves two feet across–the bounty never ends.  And because it is (understandably) the only bread I eat, and it keeps coming and coming, sometimes I forget how spoiled I am.

With Thanksgiving coming, Steve asked me if he should bring home some cut-up bread for stuffing, and we discussed the merits of one type of bread versus another.  We decided on Pane Bello, a plain (not sour) white rustic loaf.

And this is what he brought home:


I wish I had thought to put something in the picture that would more clearly serve as a size reference, but I would say that the big pile of bread was around 2-3 feet across.  A LOT of bread.  Now, having worked in a commercial bakery, I know that being constantly surrounded by larger quantities does throw off your sense of scale.  Suddenly a pound of butter or four cups of flour seems like a pretty small amount.  And I know that Steve was probably standing at the slicer with dozens of loaves that were headed to the compost if he didn’t take them home.

So now our freezer is crammed with this huge bag of bread chunks, some of which are destined to be our favorite, very traditional stuffing.  Perhaps some of my friends who are coming over tomorrow will also go home with some.  And probably some will end up in our compost.  But I am anticipating with relish the mounds and mounds of stuffing we have to look forward to!