A friend who’ll eat bubbles with you

by threegirlpileup

It’s funny how kids become friends, especially when they’re small.  Let’s face it, we choose our kids’ friends for them, or perhaps more accurately, we choose our own mama-friends and then the kids come along for the ride.

But sometimes you really hit a home run all around.  Anna and Oliver were thrust together from birth, both because his mother was my friend and his sister was Maggie’s friend.  And it turns out that they are truly suited to be friends of the heart.  They both share this combination of sweetness and wildness.  I remember once that Anna was pouring sand over Oliver’s head in the sandbox, and his mom Nancy went to intervene–only to realize that actually, Oliver didn’t mind at all.  It’s not unusual for Oliver and Anna to literally or figuratively butt heads–with all the attendant upset–and moments later be happily playing some elaborate game.

Our homeschool group met today at my house to play board games.  It wasn’t long before both Anna and Ollie had their fill and were ready for a change of scenery.  We sent them out onto our deck to play together, where they happily picked up bits of ice and were smashing and throwing them.  When I next checked on them, they had found some bubble stuff and were blowing bubbles.


Or at least I thought they were blowing bubbles.  In fact, the game they were playing seemed to be more about eating the bubbles…both as they were being blown and afterwards.  And they couldn’t have been happier.

How wonderful to find a kindred spirit.