A job for the chefs, not for the mom.

by threegirlpileup

As part of our preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, we made pumpkin pie today.  Or rather, Maggie and Anna made pumpkin pie today, with minimal advice and supervision from me.  Originally, it had been Maggie’s plan to do this entirely on her own, but this left Anna so heartbroken that Maggie relented and decided they could do it together.

Anna was in charge of grating the nutmeg.


The girls worked together on getting the pie shell ready, buttering foil to cover it while it pre-baked.  After I helped them get set up, Anna said, “Come on, Maggie, this is a chef-y job, not a Mommy job.  We don’t need your help, Mommy!”

And the didn’t.  Maggie even put the shell in and out of the oven herself, and did some pricking in the middle.


In general, when we’re cooking together, there’s a certain amount of jockeying for the position closest to the mixing bowl and arguing over who’s going to stir or measure or crack an egg.  Interestingly, I found that when I stepped back a little (literally out of the room, but still nearby), the girls did much better at figuring out how to make it work, taking turns and helping each other out.  Maggie did a particularly masterful job of playing head chef, keeping track of what needed to be done, while still involving Anna in the process–and thus keeping her happy.




I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the final product, which I had to put up high to keep away from probing fingers….there are already several dings in the top.  I was actually a little sorry we hadn’t decided to make two pies, so that we could dig into one right away.  Instead, I’ll enjoy the anticipation, and look forward to the girls serving their pie to us tomorrow.