The Advent Basket

by threegirlpileup

Well, it’s not so beautiful…not a dreamy embroidered wall hanging or garland of stockings.  But it’s done!  (Well, almost…truth be told, a few of those envelopes still need a little more filling.  Don’t tell Maggie and Anna.)


This is one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to do for several Christmases, but am only now managing to get together.  I used 9×12 envelopes, and each is filled with a note or a small gift; the notes suggest an activity or project that we can do on that day.  There are lots of gorgeous examples of this around the web–just google advent calendar and you’ll find them.

Some of the activities I included were:

  • make paper snowflakes
  • go see the Nutcracker
  • make Christmas candy
  • order pizza for dinner and have a picnic watching a movie
  • decorate ornaments
  • go on a special outing with Daddy
  • make our own wrapping paper
  • take a family bath in the big tub
  • make Christmas cookies

For tomorrow, December 1st., our activity is to get out the Christmas decorations and hang our Advent calendar.

If this is a big hit, we may upgrade to a lovely handmade version.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to enjoying all these holiday activities with the girls.

And thus ends NaBloPoMo.  Phew!