Our advent activities

by threegirlpileup

Lynnie asked if I would post the entire list, so here it is.  You’ll notice that many begin with the word “make.”

Dec. 1: Hang up advent calendar and other decorations.  I included a little Dover sticker advent calendar.

Dec. 2: Playmobil Santa and snowman (the one toy in the batch–an impulse buy from our local toy store)

Dec. 3: Read Snowflake Bentley and make paper snowflakes.

Dec. 4: Maggie: Go to a basketball game with Daddy.  Anna: Go out for Chinese with Mommy.

Dec. 5: Have an indoor picnic for dinner.

Dec. 6: Go on an outing with Daddy.

Dec. 7: Make and decorate Christmas ornaments (hopefully we’ll have a tree to hang them on by then!).

Dec. 8: Make Christmas cards (I included a much-needed set of new markers).

Dec. 9: Go to Outdoor School all together and order pizza for dinner.

Dec. 10: Make Christmas candy (the molded kind, including lollipops).

Dec. 11: Go ride the Santa Train with Daddy.

Dec. 12: Hang mistletoe and kiss under it.

Dec. 13: Maggie: Go see The Nutcracker with Mommy.  Anna: Go out to dinner with Daddy.

Dec. 14: Make our own wrapping paper.

Dec. 15: Make beaded snowflakes.

Dec. 16: Make Christmas cookies.

Dec. 17: Dress up fancy and go to a Girl Scout Tea Party.

Dec. 18: Make candles (I’m planning the candles in oranges and walnuts from this month’s Living Crafts).

Dec. 19: Decorate an outdoor tree for the birds.

Dec. 20: Have breakfast for dinner (including bacon, of course).

Dec. 21: Take a candlelit bath in the big tub to celebrate the solstice.

Dec. 22: Wrap presents.

Dec. 23: Make hot chocolate and leave some out for Santa (we do Santa early here).

Dec. 24: Deliver gifts to neighbors.

Dec. 25: Take a plane trip to Illinois! (I included some fun stuff for the plane).