The Christmas Village

by threegirlpileup


I realized that part of the girls’ enthusiasm about decorating for Christmas has been that they don’t see all the stuff as decorations, they see it as toys.  With a few  limits, I’ve decided to go with that.  In the corner of the living room, we set up what the girls are calling “The Christmas Village.”  Although we have had a couple of mishaps (a broken hand on the baker and a crunched ice skater), they were all fixable with a little glue.  And overall, I decided it was better to have these things loved to death than leave them boxed up for fear of breakage.

And love them they do.  With the addition of a variety of playmobil people, it’s a fair and a village and Santa’s workshop.  Day after day, I hear one or both of them talking away as scenes unfold in that corner.  One evening, I came upon Anna and found the village mostly cleaned out.  I asked her where everything was, and she told me she had put everything in the cabinet because a twister was coming through town.

So we may end up this year with a few less intact decorations by the end of the season.  But I think we’ve started a magical tradition.  Which seems a lot more precious.