Ornament mania, phase one

by threegirlpileup

I can’t remember the last time I made Christmas tree ornaments.  While we managed a bit of gifty-holiday crafting last year, we didn’t do anything in the realm of decorations.  I’m not exactly sure why, since some of my still favorite ornaments are ones I made when I was around the girls’ age.  At any rate, we’re doing our best to make up for lost time around here.

Our advent basket activity for Sunday was to decorate ornaments,  and included in the bag were flat wooden shapes in various holiday shapes.  I pulled out some paint and glitter for the girls, and we were ready to go.



I admit even I was surprised at how the girls took to this activity, especially Anna.  She attacked the project with an unusual focus and intensity.


And did I mention there was an extraordinary amount of glitter involved?


As we’re getting started, Maggie suggested that we “put on some Christmas music to listen to while we’re crafting.”  I love that she’s using that word as a verb.

So far, these handmade (if slightly out of scale) beauties are the only ornaments on our beloved, tiny tree-in-a-pot.  At this rate, I think we might fill it up without unpacking any of the ornaments in storage.


Tomorrow:  we tackle ornaments out of clay.