Note to self: go outside!

by threegirlpileup

Today was one of those days that it’s not so easy being the little sister.  Maggie was very involved working on a writing project on the computer, thus tying up both the playmate and the computer.  I was determined to accomplish some cleaning around the house, so I was alternating between doing chores and giving attention to Anna, but frankly, it wasn’t really enough.  There was more than a little yelling and complaining by the little one over the course of the day.

And then, we went outside.  Mopsey needed to be taken out, so I suggested that Anna and I do that together.  First, Anna had some play time on the deck, checking out the current status of various potions and mixtures on the table.  She then joined me in the back yard, jumping into her swing and proceeding to make up songs as she was swinging, head held back and eyes closed as she reveled in all the swinging sensations.

Some exerpts:

I love my Mommy

I love my Daddy

and of course

I love my sister Maggie

I love swinging in my swing!

I love swinging in my swing!

I love swinging in my swing!

It’s so cute

and so fun

and I love it.

We chased Mopsey around the yard, and in particular did small laps around the cedar tree.  That was occasion for another song.  And then she rode piggyback to the house, and made up another song along the way.

And while Maggie was still writing when we got inside, and I was ready to tackle more of my chores, Anna was able to find her own groove a little more easily.  And I was more able to breathe and move in and out of what I was doing.

I think I need to put a sign up for all of us:  Go outside!  You’ll be glad you did!