Ornament Mania, phase two

by threegirlpileup

Okay, so we did make clay ornaments.  It was really really fun.  One of those projects that I enjoyed at least as much as the girls.  Maybe more, even.

We didn’t do anything too fancy, just rolled out sheets of clay and cut it with cookie cutters.  A few got beads or embellishments before drying.




(I would like to note, for the record, that in the above pictures, both the children are fully dressed in actual clothes.  My mom was teasing me that most of the pictures on them on the blog are in their pajamas.  And yes, these pictures were even taken in the morning.)

And then, of course, there was the painting.  And the glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter.  So much glitter, in fact, that Steve suggested a moratorium on buying any more for awhile.  (horrors!)



The girls had a great time with the painting.  It’s pretty amazing to see the developmental shift in Anna–it wasn’t very long ago that most painting degenerated into mixing all the paint colors together and smearing them onto her body.  Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that, but it doesn’t work so well with acrylic paints you’re sharing with your sister.  So the two of them were able to share a pallette of paints and work on their own for a good long time.  Anna was in charge of the glitter, and Maggie reported that as she started to sprinkle it, she said, “And now the Christmas village is transformed into Glitter Town!”


So, while the glitter is going to be lingering for awhile around here (folks keep telling me I have a sparkle or two on my face), overall it was pretty easy to bundle the kids off to bath and bed while I whisked away the biggest parts of the mess.  I’m always so glad when I can manage to say yes to the fun and messy project without feeling overwhelmed in the end.

The best part of this is that our little tree is entirely full of handmade (mostly by the kids) ornaments.  They lovingly place them and then rearrange them, but are so proud and pleased with their creations.  They coo over the tree they picked out (less than a couple of feet high), and wax poetic about how much they love the tree and how perfect it is.

Perfect, indeed.