Home again.

by threegirlpileup

Well, we’ve made it back from our annual trip to the not-so-frozen Midwest.  There was a second round of Christmas celebrations (we do the first here in NC with Steve’s family), lots of exciting time playing with Jackson-cousin (my brother’s three year-old), so much amazing food, and a series of plumbing difficulties that I’d rather not go into.

It’s always difficult to say good-bye to my parents, but it was softened this year by the fact that they are spending a good chunk of the winter here with us, starting in just a couple of weeks.

Although I was pretty fried by the time our plane landed, it was a pleasure to be greeted by typical North Carolina winter weather,  a sunny and “cool” 50 degrees.  It has taken me a long time to really consider North Carolina my home, though I have now lived here over eighteen years.  But I’m realizing that the seasonal rhythms of this place do feel like home to me.

I hadn’t realized how good it would feel to be back in my house, just puttering about with my family around me.   I threw together a pasta dinner, Steve laid a fire, and we finished the evening with warm chocolate pudding and reading books together.


A good start to the new year, together in our home.

Now if I can only get the boxes unpacked and the Christmas decorations/toys put away….