by threegirlpileup

Ack, I’m having quite a time getting back into a blogging groove around here.  Upon returning from our trip, I’ve really thrown myself into getting our lives in order–so that’s where all my spare attention’s been going.

Steve has been gone for a few days for work, and the girls and I have kept with our tradition of having a sleepover in the big bed.  Partly this is for my own ease–it’s just easier to get them both to bed like that, plus then I don’t have to get up in the night when Anna needs me.  And I’m realizing that these days of snuggly sleep together are going to pass before I know it.  Although I sometimes desperately long for a full night of sleep with only my husband next to me, I know that I’ll miss those nighttime snuggles with Anna.  So when Steve is away, the girls all pile up in the bed to sleep together.

A brief photojournal of their sleeping on Tuesday night (this is all before I joined them again in bed).




Hope everyone’s keeping warm!