Making cookies

by threegirlpileup

Okay, not literally.

My mom bought the girls a game called “Cookin’ Cookies.”  A fairly simple card game, it involves collecting the ingredients to make a batch of cookies.  Fun is added by picking up the cards with a suction cup spoon.  Drama is added by the inclusion of rotten eggs–if you get one, the game stops and you have to put your ingredients back.  The first person to finish their cookie by accumulating all the ingredients wins.


The interesting thing was watching how the game played out.  To begin with, Maggie found the rotten eggs really frustrating–so we took them out.  And then, as they played, the girls’ natural inclination was to share the ingredients that they didn’t need.  I mentioned that they could play together, helping each other find ingredients for their recipes.  They immediately took to this plan, stacking up the ingredient cards and pretending that they were cookies you could eat.  This evolved into a game in which they were running a bakery (including a sign, of course: “Cookies, 10 cents”).  They took orders from me and my mom and my dad, working together to take our money, make change, and serve us.

I don’t really object to competitive games, but it does warm my heart to see that sometimes cooperating really is more fun than winning.