Fudgesicles for breakfast

by threegirlpileup

I had actually fogotten about posting this, but my friend Jennifer reminded me that I’d promised to share this recipe.

With the warmer weather has come regular shipments of cream, and while I had other plans, the girls wanted to send that first pint into something sweet and frozen.  So we settled on fudgesicles.

Having never made them myself, I started trolling my favorite recipe sites.  Turns out that the usual approach is to make instant pudding–which I didn’t have on hand–or cooked pudding–which was more involved than I had in mind.  Plus, it didn’t make use of my cream!  Finally, I happened on this recipe, which was both simple and very tasty.  Steve thought it a little too chocolatey, but neither the girls or I had that complaint.

In fact, we happily ate them for breakfast.



While pajamas for Maggie and naked for Anna are no guarantee that it’s morning, in this case it was.

(And don’t tell the girls, but I think I ate more of these than they did!)