Mending with Maggie

by threegirlpileup

Lately, Maggie has been very interested in fixing things.  After accidentally dropping a ceramic jar lid and gluing it back together, she convinced me to let her break the jar and put it back together.  Dreaming of her own repair shop, she has asked me to find more things that she can break and then fix.

In addition to ceramics, Maggie has been interested in learning how to fix clothes.  “Mommy,” she said to me suddenly the other day, “I want to do some patching!”  Fortunately, Steve had recently asked me to patch a pair of his jeans, so there was a project ready and waiting for us.

Steve gave us a pair of even older jeans, and we used that to make a patch.  We ironed it on using a little stitch-wichery, and then stitched it by machine.  Maggie needed a little help, but was able to do a lot of it on her own.  She had such a good time that I looked in my mending basket to see what else might be there, and I found another pair of Steve’s jeans.  She immediately set to the mending.  Anna needed some help with her project, and by the time I got back, Maggie had cut out her patch and the stitch witchery.


In case you can’t tell, she’s pretty pleased with herself.

Then onto the ironing…


Ta da!


And then the sewing.  Originally Maggie wanted to do the sewing by hand, but I encouraged her to give the sewing machine a try.  (I thought the denim might be a little tough with a hand-sewing needle.)  It’s been awhile since she sewed on the machine, but she got right back into the swing of it.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the final product, but trust me that it came out great.  The best part was watching Maggie give them to Steve, so proud of the work she had done.  And especially proud that she had done the second pair ALL BY HERSELF.  This is a big thing around here these days…Maggie really wants to be able to accomplish practical tasks–building, sewing, cooking–on her own, without help.  The trick is helping her along enough that she can learn to do things herself, but not so much that she feels it isn’t really her work.  The jeans turned out to be a perfect project, since we had two pairs…one to do together, one she could do on her own.

Next project: cooking dinner for the family.  Maggie as chef, Mommy as sous-chef.