Snow, inside and out.

by threegirlpileup

Yesterday, we got a rare occurrence around here: snow in March.  And a decent snow it was, a couple of inches that were good for packing.  And therefore snowman-making, of course.


(Though Maggie won’t wear the hat I knit for her–at her request–she deemed it good enough for her snowy friend.)

And in a final blast of winter craftiness, I pulled out cotton swabs and the glue gun for making snowflakes.  I read about it here and (in spite of being distracted by dreams of a tree with seasonal decorations) set to making snowflakes first with Anna and then with Maggie.


Anna enjoyed putting them all on display, pretending they were a family.


Right there, the family is all holding hands.  So I have a feeling that even if we *had* the fantasy seasonal tree, none of the snowflakes would have made it up there.  Turns out they were fun to play with.

With my help, Anna decorated one of the snowflakes with a spool of sparkly gold thread that she found in my sewing nook.  “Look, Mommy!” she said, “It’s my favorite color!”

Warmer weather is forecast later in the week, with temperatures hitting the 70’s by the weekend.  We’ve enjoyed this last flirtation with winter, but we’re ready for spring around here!