The carpenter’s apprentice

by threegirlpileup

One of the projects that’s been going on around our house has been a tree house that Steve is building.  Well, not technically a tree house, I guess; more an elevated house in the trees.  Anyway, this has gotten Maggie really interested in building some things herself, but it’s been a little hard for her to find her way.  Thinking big, she wanted to build her own clubhouse–this despite the fact that she’d never hammered a nail.  Steve and I kept trying to find different ways to channel her creative energies, but she had such a clear vision that we were doing quite a bit of butting heads.

Until this weekend.  The first thing that happened was that Maggie and Steve really found a groove together working on the tree house.  Maggie was able to provide real help to Steve, and his idea of giving her the role of “carpenter’s apprentice” was true brilliance.  One Maggie had a clear role, she could embrace her learner’s role fully.  She helped carry wood and practiced hammering nails, running happily this way and that around the yard.

The other excitement of the weekend was that Maggie settled on a project that she conceived but was much more manageable than the club house: a ladder.  She and Steve made a trip to Lowe’s, and he gave her some tips on choosing wood.  She came home with wood and nails, and set to measuring, sawing, and nailing.  With a little help from Dad.



These photos are actually from fairly far into the process; the first step was a lot of careful measuring and sawing.  The best part, I think, was watching Maggie and Steve sawing side-by-side, each working on their own piece of wood.  Sawing, and chatting, and positively beaming–both of them.

And then Maggie had a great time showing us her finished product:


I can’t wait to see what they’re up to next weekend.