A day at the beach

by threegirlpileup

We celebrated yesterday’s gorgeous weather by trekking out to nearby Jordan Lake, which has the sweet combination of a playground and a sandy beach (along with clean bathrooms!) right next to each other.  Not quite like a trip to the ocean, but so much closer.

We arrived, and it was amazing to watch the kids–my girls plus my visiting nephew–set to work immediately.  Digging, hauling water, and throwing sand.


It was amazing to watch the focused intensity they all brought to their projects.  I’m not sure exactly what they were working on, but it involved digging some deep pits and filling them with water.  After dabbling in some buried pirate treasure, Maggie set to creating a life-sized model boat out of sand.



Spring is a magical time around here.  It’s a miraculous window between the chill of winter and the seemingly endless oppressive heat of summer.  This spring has been unusually cool, what with snow as recently as a couple of weeks ago.  We’re going to flirt with warm weather this week, though there will still be a lot of days in the 50’s.  I’m looking forward to the days ahead, as they get warmer and invite us to spend most of our time outside.