Wow, I love this book.

by threegirlpileup

I am a library addict.  Typically I have more than fifty books checked out of the library.  A few for me, a lot for the kids.  Now that I’ve gotten into a good library routine, I rarely buy a beautiful hardback picture book.

Until today.

I made a quick run into an un-named big box bookstore (sorry, Regulator, it was a last minute birthday emergency), and I was faced with this:


I had seen this at various places around the blogosphere, and I did look for it at the library.  But they didn’t have it.  So how could I resist? Cynthia Rylant AND Nikki McClure all wrapped up in one wonderful little package.  With chickens!  And clotheslines!  And pea plants! And it delivers all the magic I could have hoped for.

Although I wish I’d been in our local independent bookstore, I’m not sorry to have bought it.  It’s just the kind of book I want to have on our shelves for always.  This beautiful little book captures the spirit of being in the now that kids seem to understand instinctively.  What we have is today–let’s work and play and sing and yell and love and play some more.  And then start it all over again tomorrow.