The nursing song

by threegirlpileup

At Anna’s request, I have recently started singing lullabies at bedtime. By far the most popular sleepy song around here is what the girls call “Train whistle blowing”–Raffi’s “Morningtown Ride.”  (Steve and I sometimes still call this song “The Magic Train Song,” as it was one of the few things that would nudge Maggie to sleep during her colicky infancy.)  Last night, though, Anna asked for “The Nursing Song,” which is our variation on Raffi’s version of “Goodnight, Irene.”  In Raffi’s version, he catalogues where various animals sleep at night.  In our version–with changes in part to make all the animals mammals–we list where all the animals nurse.

The only trouble was that all that nursing talk kept us from finishing the song, because we had to move onto nursing before it was over.

img_4855_2(gorgeous photo courtesy of my friend Judith)

At any rate, I thought I’d share the lyrics before I forget them.

(sung to the tune of “Goodnight Irene“)

Lions nurse in the savannah, foxes nurse in their dens. Goats nurse on the mountainside, and piggies nurse in pens.

Chorus: Anna, goodnight.  Anna, goodnight.  Goodnight, Anna, goodnight, Anna, I’ll see you in my dreams.

Whales nurse in the ocean, zebras nurse on land, hippos nurse by the riverside, and camels nurse in the sand.


Coyotes nurse in the canyons, squirrels nurse in their nest.  But when it’s time for Anna to nurse, she likes mama’s arms best.