Drawing and listening

by threegirlpileup

A favorite pasttime around here that’s experiencing a resurgence is drawing  while listening to audiobooks.


Well, technically its only a resurgence for Maggie, since the last time we were doing a lot of book-listening, Anna didn’t have quite the attention span for sitting still and drawing.  But over the last week, both the girls have spent a lot of time with art supplies spread out around them, drawing and cutting and listening to stories.  Maggie has recently started enjoying colored pencils–she’s mostly been a marker girl up to this point–and has been exploring their use.  A favorite theme for her–no big surprise–is animals of all kinds, usually drawn individually and then carefully cut out.  Anna is sticking with her fantastic early stick people–round bodies with stick legs and arms.

“Look, Mommy, ” she said, indiciating one of her pictures, “don’t you like his smile?”

And despite my intent not to respond with praise or subjective evaluation, I can’t help but say, “Yes, I do love his smile!”

I love my kids’ art just like I love them–unreservedly and unconditionally.  There’s so much of their sweet selves in those precious little creations, how could I not love them?  So while I often say measured things like, “Tell me about this drawing,” or “I see you used a lot of colors” or “You really enjoyed using that sparkly glue,” there are other times that my enthusiasm can’t be contained: “Oh honey, I just love that!”

What I see from my girls is that they aren’t seeking my approval for their work so much as to share their excitement and joy over their work.  And that is something I will gladly hand out, again and again.