Do-it-yourself play-doh

by threegirlpileup

I was recently clicking around on Sew Liberated (I recently discovered that Meg and I are neighbors, though we haven’t yet connected in person) and found this wonderful entry on play doh. This is the blog formerly known as Montessori by Hand.

Anyway, the gist of her post was that she came up with a no-cook play-doh recipe that kids in her classroom could mix up themselves.  I thought Anna would love this, and boy was I right.  I copied the recipe onto a big sheet of paper entitled “Anna’s Play-Doh,” listing the ingredients and the amounts.  We collected what we needed and set to work.


There was lots of measuring and mixing.  It wasn’t long before Maggie got involved, too.



Although the texture wasn’t quite as smooth as cooked play-doh, it was entirely satisfactory.  And the thrill of mixing it themselves was well worth it.  As soon as they finished with one batch, they’d make another.  Maggie quickly adapted the recipe to make a double batch, and then Anna followed her example.  I think if we hadn’t run out of flour, we’d have been at it all day.

Anna enjoyed using her play-doh to make a batch of cookies.  One nice thing about this dough was that it air-dried quite nicely.


Maggie, on the other hand, had more entrepreneurial  plans:


Fortunately, she didn’t take it too hard when it turned out her only customers weren’t ready to hand over cash for her dough.  She happily settled for pretend money in exchange for her wares; for her, it’s more about the creation and the transaction than actual profits. Thank goodness!