The Sunflower House–Part 2

by threegirlpileup

I only have a few minutes to post (my poor neglected blog!), but I wanted to share this update on our sunflower house.  Thanks to a lot of digging this week (my oh my the sod was tenacious), the sunflower house is ready to plant.


I started with Sharon Lovejoy’s directions in Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots, adapting them somewhat.  First, I went ahead and cleared the grass from the whole area; in this mild winter climate, the grass is very vigorous, so I figured I’d really need to clear it out so we wouldn’t need a machete to get inside.  I surrounded the outside edge with some black plastic before I put the straw mulch down.  Then, instead of digging a trench, I put down a layer of newspaper, and covered it with several inches of compost.  This is the strategy I’ve used in most of our garden so far, and it’s worked well.

The next step is to actually get the seeds in the ground, as well as spreading mulch over the inside of the house.  I want to use something more inviting (and less pokey) than straw–hay maybe?  Anyone have ideas?

The best part of the project has been the “help” I’ve been getting from Anna.  She has loved digging in the dirt alongside me, mainly rescuing worms and putting them together in one place so that they would have company.  Unfortunately I don’t have a single picture of this, as I was dirty and therefore cameraless as all that worm action was taking place.

Now, since I’m a glutton for punishment I can’t resist expanding the garden, I’ve spread out more plastic to fill in the gaps between the sunflower house and the rest of the vegetable beds.  Hopefully the hot sunny weather this week will bake all that grass into submission.

Hello, summer!