by threegirlpileup

Potion-making is a popular pastime around here.  Often it is simple mixtures of water and various found nature items; other times it’s more of a chemistry project.  This time, I collected a number of favorite potion-making supplies:

  • baking soda
  • sequins (left over from another project)
  • vinegar
  • a bouquet of flowers picked from our yard
  • squirt bottles of liquid soap (next time I think I’d dilute this)
  • cabbage water (red cabbage simmered in water until most of the color is gone)


Cabbage water is the new and most thrilling ingredient.  Turns out that it is a natural pH indicator, so it changes colors depending on the mixture.  Add an acid, it turns pink; add a base, it turns green.  Very exciting.

Also, the kids love the real scientific glassware, which I picked up at The Scrap Exchange, a local “creative re-use center.”





The mess from this is always more than I anticipate–even when working outside–but the utter and total glee from the girls is entirely worth it.  The baking soda-vinegar reaction just doesn’t get boring.  Plus they spin wonderful tales about fairies and potions and magical remedies while they’re playing.

Next time, though, I may reconsider the sequins.  Easier to clean up than glitter, but I’m still finding them everywhere, I swear.