Dinner from the garden

by threegirlpileup

This was the week that I didn’t (somewhat guiltily) buy any salad greens in the grocery store–we have enough that I can go pick them from the garden.


The lettuce is an oak leaf in two colors, and it’s really thriving.  I’m realizing that while I like baby salad greens, what I really like is baby lettuce.  I’m not so much a fan of frisee and raddichio and all that.  I do love arugula, but even that I prefer in small doses.  You also might notice a few radishes in amongst the greens; that’s a vegetable I would never buy.  But in this early part of the spring even I can’t resist eating a few radishes sliced on my salad, since they are so beautifully abundant in the garden.

As the garden is coming to life, Steve and I have made a pact to try and get something from the garden into dinner every night.  All those salad greens make it easy; we also have some over-wintered kale that continues to produce (talk about the vegetable that keeps on giving!).  But it’s the tender little new leaves that really call.

To go with the above salad, I combined the old with the new…dried tomatoes from last summer and fresh spinach from the garden, along with some Elodie Farms goat feta and some pizza sauce from the freezer…all to make yet another pizza, a staple around here.


I haven’t yet managed to make my own mozzarella, but I finally have the supplies on hand.  I just have to figure out how to fit it in between all the gardening!