From farm to table

by threegirlpileup

As a homeschooling mom, I think it’s inevitable that I spend a certain amount of time wondering what my kids do and don’t know, what they are and aren’t learning.  One thing that I’m sure about though–my kids understand that food comes from farms and is produced by the people who work there.

We took a trip last week to visit the farm where we get our milk and eggs.  I don’t have as many wonderful pictures as I would like, we had a great time hanging out with friends and meeting the animals.  The kids got to climb into pens with the animals and help collect eggs.





I have to admit, it was especially fun to meet the actual cows that provide the milk and cream that we use every week.

And if one farm visit wasn’t enough, we stopped at a biodynamic fruit farm on the way home to pick strawberries.  I keep thinking I’d love some pictures of the kids stuffing themselves with berries, but I’ve usually got my hands full of berries and buckets.

So we got home with milk and cream and cheese and butter and strawberries.  What else could we do but make strawberry shortcake?


Wow, that picture looks good.  I can almost smell it, I swear!  Good thing we’re going berry picking again this week–I think there’s more strawberry shortcake in our future.  Hopefully our very near future.